The Tadpoles have two trophies that are presented annually.

The Taylor Trophy

In 1984, the Taylor family presented the club with a trophy to be awarded for progress.

The 2018 recipients were Polly and Joe Minogue.

Polly and Joe joined us in 2016 and are very regular swimmers at our Thursday Club nights. They have both made great progress during their time with us and this is a joint award.

The Barbara Uphill Trophy

Barbara Uphill was one of our early Tadpole members in the 1980s and her sister presented the Barbara Uphill Trophy to the Tadpoles in 1993 in her memory. The trophy is awarded annually for outstanding achievement.

In 2018, the award was presented to Xavier Connor-Kingett.

Xavier was awarded the trophy for having swum 1 length (25 metres) of the pool. This was a huge achievement for him, after months of effort and determination. He is now swimming further each week and has started the ‘Channel Swim’ challenge.

For a list of previous trophy winners, click here

Other Awards

For our more able swimmers, we record the number of lengths completed each week. The annual total is depicted on a certificate showing how far they would have swam across the English Channel, or along the River Thames.

Josh Madagan

Vernon James

Beryl Tolhurst

Frances Holman

Paul Thomas

All awards are presented at the AGM