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Anti Bullying Policy

Bullying is behaviour which hurts, frightens or threatens an individual. This could be physical, psychological, verbal or emotional and the effects can be longstanding.

Bullying can be carried out over a period of time by individuals or groups against anyone of any age or gender.

Bullying is unacceptable.


General Principles

  • In order to create a happy, safe and secure environment for all members of the club, it is essential to ensure that bullying in any form is not tolerated.
  • It is expected that all club members will support the club Committee in dealing with any bullying and/or aggressive behaviour.



  • To ensure that the ethos of the Club promotes a respectful, caring and sympathetic attitude toward the welfare of all Club members.
  • To prevent unacceptable, aggressive behaviour in support of the Club members.
  • To recognise that the prevention of bullying at an early stage is part of the Club Committee’s responsibility To ensure that all Club members feel secure in reporting incidents to the Committee.
  • To deal with any bullying incidents promptly, fairly and appropriately.
  • To ensure that all parties involved are notified of incidents and actions taken at the earliest opportunity.


3. Responsibility

  • The Committee of Tadpoles Swimming Club has overall responsibility for the effective operation of this policy. However, all members have a duty as part of their involvement with Tadpoles Swimming Club to do everything they can to ensure that the policy works in practice.
  • Tadpoles Swimming Club Committee will bring to the attention of all members the existence of this policy, and will provide such training as is necessary to ensure that the policy is effective and that everyone is aware of it.
  • If any member feels that they have been, or are being bullied in any way, they are entitled to report the matter to any member of the Committee.
  • If any member witnesses bullying of any sort they should report the incident to a member of the Committee.
  • All instances of reported bullying will be treated seriously.
  • Complaints or allegations of an unfounded or malicious nature will also be treated as serious and may involve using the disciplinary procedure. A member of the Committee shall be appointed to investigate any reported cases of bullying. He/she shall report to the Committee the results of the investigation. A decision on any action needed, will be taken by the Club Committee.
  • The Committee of Tadpoles Swimming Club will review this policy every three years.